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What We Do


— We collect and share good practices

We work with children and parents for 10-20 years. We learn continously from other professionals. So, we collect good practices, efficient methods, games, which help to communicate, motivate and advocate more efficiently. We share these good practices here and on our social media platforms.


— We build trainings and create hand-out

All organisations build trainings based on globally working methods, but taking into account the needs, problems, preferences of local parents and educators. 

Our hand-out will be free to download. 


— We provide
free trainings

Each organisation organises in following months trainings for free, on the topics listed below. Learn and and also teach us, by sharing your challenges and solutions! 

We are all in the same boat, doing our best for the children!


—Communication training

It is hard to understand, why people are like this? 

People are rude to you?

You don’t know anything a lot about your child?

These situations happen to all of us. Come and learn to overcome!


— Motivation and resilience training

Are you tired or feed up with convincing your child?

Your child is special and you feel like, noone understands You?


— Everyday Hero training

I should have told my opinion…

Poor him, I could have helped him!

who we are

Hungary | Kiskunfélegyháza

— Natura Hungarica Foundation

 -helping anyone to discover, develop and enjoy their strengths, specialities, 
– raising awareness for and promote methods for mental and physical health and balance, 
– promoting social inclusion, beauty of diversity and the synergy coming from it.

Hungary | Budapest

— Hősök Tere Foundation

We believe ordinary people can do extraordinary things. So, we train everyday heroes at schools and other communities, in line with the methodology Philip Zimbardo intitated within his worldwide Heroic Imagination Project. In our trainings, youngsters learn to think critically, make good decisions and help other people. 

Slovakia | Bratislava

— Rata Foundation

Rata o.z. is a non profit organization founded in 2015 in Bratislava, Slovakia focusing on awarness and educational activities for children with developmental disorders (mainly ASD, ADHD), their parents and specialists in the field.

Iceland | Seltjarnarnes

— Healthy Life and Integration Foundation

Healthy Life and Integration NGO / HLI /was established in 2008. One of our leading approaches is to look at physical movement as a tool for the inclusion of anyone with individual or special needs. 

Iceland| Reykjavik

— Skólar kindergartens

We, run four pre-schools in Iceland. Our motto is „A healthy soul in a healthy body“ and we work for the health, wellbeing, by providing  healthy nutrition and developing life skills as well as creativity through play. In that way we lay the foundation for their future physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Hungary | Budapest

— BHRG Foundation

The BHRG Foundation has been founded by Katalin Lakatos PhD in 1993 and works with children who have diverging development pattern. After the childrens’ assessment, with Targeted Sensory Motor Therapy (TSMT I for individual, and TSMT II for group session) and Hydrotherapeutic Rehabilitation Gymnastic Therapy (HRG) therapists develop diverse functions of  the brain, enabling so the child to live a more wholesome and balanced life.

Partners and sponsors



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